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Rehearsal Studio

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Studio A

Perfect for ballroom, social dance, latin dance and contemporary dance as well as meetings, reading sessions, auditions and photo shoots.
15 participants
26′ X 26′ – 675 PI²

Studio B

Perfect for television, cinema and web filming. Ideal for Zumba and fitness activities as well as hip hop, urban dance, contemporary dance and jazz rehearsals. Perfect for practicing circus acts.
30 participants
35′ X 60′ – 2100 PI²

Studio C

Perfect for auditions, photo shoots and meetings. Equipped for tap dance and flamenco rehearsals, also for fitness activities, training, yoga, hip hop, urban dance and contemporary dance.
22 participants
35' X 31' - 1085 PI²

Studio D

Perfect for practicing ballet and contemporary dance, social dances, latin dances, ballroom, yoga, ballet, Essentrics, stretching and martial arts.
22 participants
31' X 41' - 1271 PI²

Studio E

Perfect for private lessons (1-2 people) in social dance, latin dance, ballroom, swing, yoga, ballet and stretching. Perfect for meetings, text readings and theater rehearsals.
3 participants
10' X 15' - 150 PI²


Perfect for for book and record launches, happy hours, cocktails, openings, exhibitions, etc...
50 participants
30' X 35' - 1050 PI²

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