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A new concept

In 1998, Martin Giroux had a vision, creating a coworking space for artists. A very well equipped and located space, where dancers, teachers, companies, theatre or singing productions, could let their creative minds expand.

After a trip around Montreal and New York City, a need and an opportunity were clearly identified.

By 1999, Studio Bizz : Espace Locatif Pour Esprit Créatif (Studio Bizz : A rental space for creative minds) was born. The vision was proven fruitful when a second location opened in 2010.

Located at the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal, the studio has become a stapple in rental space for the arts and culture field.

As for most companies in this industry, the pandemic brought a time for serious reflection. Finding clients willing to commit to long term rentals in such a volatile time was a tall order. Martin being the problem solver that he is, decided to restructure the business model and convert some of the space to become a conventional dance, yoga, wellness studio. His vision, again, was clear. Just two years since moving away from the hard days of covid, Studio Bizz now has a roster of close to 50 teachers offering 60 classes, running 7 days / week.

Studio Bizz continues to be a leader in rental space today, and also, offers the largest variety of dance and wellness recreational classes for adults on the island.

Studio Bizz offers
Quality studios
Perfectly equipped for all requirements
Qualified staff
A professional staff always attentive to your needs
Customized service
A personalized service and a flexible schedule
Amazing classes
Wide variety of dance, yoga and fitness classes


All classes are on a drop-in format, so you can join at any time during the session.