Studio Bizz concept

Since its foundation, Studio Bizz has established itself as a leader in the field of studio rental services with an offer intended for artists and teachers from the theatre, show business, comedy, circus and singing communities.

In the beginning, the idea of sharing workspaces is truly innovative. Since the majority of artists cannot have their own creative space, why not create one that can be shared! It is by fulfilling this need that Studio Bizz is nowadays an essential resource in the cultural sector.

The idea of operating studios originated in 1998 when Martin Giroux noticed the full potential of this type of service while visiting studios in Montreal and New York. The observation was undeniable: the spaces offered at the time to our Montreal artists were poor quality and the supply management was disorganized. Despite this, our market study indicated that the artistic clientele was ready to pay some appealing hourly rates to rent spaces. So why not offer them quality studios for an affordable price? This is how Studio Bizz was born in June of 1999 and was followed by the opening of a second location in 2010.