The following classes are offered at Studio Bizz 


All IN STUDIO group classes are suspended for the Fall session.
Some classes take place ONLINE at
For more informations, visit !


Studio Bizz is not a dance school, but a company that specializes in studio rentals.
Teachers can offer their group classes by renting at Studio Bizz.

It is very important to register before showing up to a in studio class. If you do not already have an account, please create an account.

Please read the sanitary measures in place before registering for a class.

To see the schedule under the shape of a calendar, click here.

About the Studio Bizz registration service

During this pandemic period, Studio bizz has set up a class purchasing service for teachers who offers their class at Studio Bizz. This system has no user fees and no transaction fees for teachers and their participants. It is at the discretion of the teachers to charge the GST/QST or not. If you need an official invoice from your teacher with GST/QST numbers, we invite you to make the request directly to the concerned teacher. In this transaction, Studio Bizz is offering a simple class fee collection of payment service. In any case, through this transaction, Studio Bizz benefits from an added value on the sale of products or services rendered.