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Rental terms and conditions


  1. The Renter states having inspected the studio space and deemed it fit for his/her activities. He/She is satisfied and informed of the space’s capacity, features and authorized activities;
  2. The price for studio rental is determined by the time of day you are renting. Two pricing options are available to you:
    – A rate according to primetime periods which means peak hours with a high volume of clientele.
    – A rate for non-primetime periods, when quieter and less in demand.
  3. The production of an invoice corresponds to the commitment of the payment thereof by the Tenant, whether he decides to show up or not. In order to access the rented studio space, the Tenant must pay any invoice corresponding to this rental at the time of booking.
  4. The Renter must pay in full any invoice by telephone with Visa or MasterCard to confirm the rental of the time slots. Payments by cheque must first receive management approval and will be subject to a credit history investigation;
  5. A minimum of thirty dollars ($30 CAD) in administrative fees and a 1.5% monthly interest rate (18% per year) will be applicable to all unpaid invoices, starting on the payment expiry date;
  6. A fifty dollar ($50 CAD) fee will be applicable to all NSF cheques;
  7. For any changes to your schedule, a 25% administration fee will apply. If you need to cancel your reservation, you have the option to do either a 50% cancellation where we will refund half of your bill or a 75% credit. In both cases, the cancellation or schedule change needs to be made 24 hours before the start of your reservation. The credit can then be applied on your next reservation. Please note that you must pay your invoice at the moment of the cancellation or the schedule change if the invoice had not been paid at the time of booking;
  8. Credit notes from one or more schedule changes are applicable for future reservations only and cannot be applied on invoices coming from your rental agreements or on old debts. The monetary value attached to this credit note is valid for a period of one (1) year after the date it was banked.
  9. The studio space is rented as is, and changes to its infrastructure or equipment are not tolerated by Studio Bizz. The Renter may not, under any circumstances, make adjustments, repairs or changes to any devices or sound equipment connections without written consent from a Studio Bizz staff member;
  10. The Renter is committed to maintaining the studio space clean and tidy;
  11. The Renter must leave the studio space in the same condition it was found when first accessed, and must return any moved piece of equipment to its original spot. If, for any reason, access to the studio space is delayed by the previous Renter, the said Renter will receive without notice a fifty-five-dollars ($55 CAD) penalty;
  12. The Renter may not take part in any action or activity that can result in damage to the studio space or its installations;
  13. The Renter will be held liable for any broken sound system or other equipment resulting from his/her improper use;
  14. The Renter must immediately notify a Studio Bizz staff member of any broken or faulty sound system or other equipment that may have occurred during his/her activities. Failure to do so may result in the Renter being held liable;
  15. It is strictly forbidden to smoke, vape, consume alcohol or eat in all studio spaces and common areas. Please note that it is possible to consume food in the studios for a maintenance fee of sixty dollars ($ 60);
  16. The presence of animals and the use of any product or equipment that might make the studio dirty and/or cause odours is prohibited without authorization (e.g.: powder, sand, flour, resin, oil, hair spray, gel, candles, incense, fire, smoke machine, etc);
  17. Boots and outside shoes cannot be worn inside Studio Bizz during winter. If your activity requires the use of shoes, please bring another pair or shoe covers;
  18. Considering the numerous activities that take place at Studio Bizz, we cannot guarantee absolute silence in your studio during your reservation;
  19. It is strictly forbidden to film without permission in the studio space and the common areas of Studio Bizz. The Renter must contact Studio Bizz to see if a permission can be granted;
  20. Please note that the freight elevator is available upon reservation only (not available on Saturdays and Sundays);
  21. Access to the front desk area, office, service elevator, as well as maintenance and storage rooms is limited to staff and therefore strictly forbidden unless having received prior authorization from a Studio Bizz staff member;
  22. It is strictly forbidden to cause vibrations, noises or odours which may restrict the free enjoyment of the premises by other tenants and/or neighbouring establishments. Studio Bizz reserves the right to set volume restrictions to the Tenant’s music and/or activities. In the event unauthorized activities should be held within any of the studio spaces and/or as a result, or not, of the Tenant falsely representing his/her activity type at the signing of the present agreement, the Landlord reserves the right, at his discretion, to terminate the said agreement through simple written notice addressed to the Tenant, and retain as liquidated damages any amounts paid or owing under the terms of the said agreement, starting the day the Tenant’s unauthorized activity is first practiced;
  23. The studio space is attributed to the Renter according to practised discipline and student numbers. The maximum capacities including teachers and assistants for each studio are as follows until further notice during the COVID-19 pandemic:
    – Studio A : Maximum 15 participants; aerobic, tap dance, flamenco, floor-stomping, floor percussion, hip-hop, Zumba and break dancing are not permitted in this studio;
    – Studio B : Maximum 30 participants; tap dance, flamenco and salsa are not permitted in this studio;
    – Studio C : Maximum 22 participants;
    – Studio D : Maximum 22 participants; aerobic, tap dance, flamenco, floor-stomping, floor percussion, hip-hop, Zumba and break dancing are not permitted in this studio;
    – Studio E : Maximum 3 participants; aerobic, tap dance, flamenco, floor-stomping and floor percussion are not permitted in this studio;

Last update: November 8th 2023.

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