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Studio C

This studio is perfect for
Perfect for auditions, photo shoots and meetings. Equipped for tap dance and flamenco rehearsals, also for fitness activities, training, yoga, hip hop, urban dance and contemporary dance.
22 participants
35' X 31' - 1085 PI²
Ceiling 11'
  • Digital player connection Jack 1/8 and Bluetooth
  • Curtains
  • Ballet bars
  • Resilient flooring
  • Mirrors
  • Opaque blinds
Reservation service
All activities are permitted in the studio.
  • You must pay your studio rental invoice by telephone with Visa or MasterCard to confirm the rental of the time slots.
  • We do not accept cash and personal checks.
  • The studios are available for booking during the opening hours.
  • If you rent outside the business hours, the price will be equivalent to twice the primetime rate for an hour.
  • Tables and chairs are available on site, please let us know your requirements when you reserve your studio.
  • For audition: Make sure you rent enough space for all your staff, your participants and your accessories.
  • It is forbidden to eat in the studio.
  • It is forbidden to drink alcohol in the studio.
  • Please note that the presence of animals and the use of any product or equipment that might make the studio dirty and/or cause odours is prohibited without authorization (e.g.: powder, sand, flour, resin, oil, hair spray, gel, candles, incense, fire, smoke machine, etc.)
  • Please note that if you make any changes to your schedule, a 25% administration fee will apply.
  • If you need to cancel your reservation, you have the option to do either a 50% cancellation or a 75% credit. The first option lets you pay 50% of the invoice with no credit made, while the second gives you a 75% credit upon paying the whole initial invoice.
  • In both cases, the cancellation or schedule change needs to be made 24 hours before the start of your reservation. The credit can then be applied on your next reservation and is valid for one year. Please note that you must pay your invoice at the moment of the cancellation or the schedule change.
Important note
Please note it is strictly forbidden to film without permission in the studio ans in the common areas of Studio Bizz. Please contact us to get permission.

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