It all started back in September of 1999 when we opened our doors for the first time in the bustling Mount-Royal borough. From the very beginning, our unique business model in Quebec, was a catalyst to our success. But before all else, what has really made us successful after 18 years is your contribution and implication on a regular basis! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Our 18 years have giving us a lot to think about. It has allowed us to look back and assess our situation but most of all to keep moving forward and bring on new and inspiring challenges.

Studio Bizz now marches to the beat of it’s own drum. Our new definition embodies all that we are and what we stand for; to help develop and propel your career and push the boundaries of today’s standards in creation.

Definition of Studio Bizz

noun – A studio space of multiples sizes with floors, mirrors, curtains, lighting, to support your creative soul, your athletic soul, your guiding soul, your independent soul. A custom-made space to help you create, move, share and radiate.

verb – 1. Develop your hobbies or professional goals in a laid back atmosphere with a stimulating feel and devoted personnel always ready to lend a hand and help support your dreams.

2. Find the space and the time slot that best suits your ambitions. A space adapted to the specific needs of your project, whether you’re alone or as a group, regularly or occasionally, for a moment of deep thought or for hours of research …

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