Alliowe Olanrewaju

Alliowe Olanrewaju

Alliowe Olanrewaju

Alliowe Olanrewaju grew up in Nigeria, where he danced as a hobby. In 2010, Alliowe started dancing in professional settings, performing Afro styles like Azonto, Konto, Afrohouse, Ndomolo etc. In 2018, he moved to Canada and started his journey to become an Afro dance teacher.

To this day, Alliowe has been able to perform and teach in different cities in Canada and has been able to work with known Afro organizations and communities.

DANCE AFRO – All levels
→ This class is taught in English only.

Saturday from 12 PM to 1:30 PM

Alliowe is a teacher that focuses on the knowledge, history and technique of a style. He believes the energy felt when understanding the vibe of an Afro style makes a difference in how you dance it. This class will cover 2 Afro styles: Azonto and Konto.

Azonto is the collective name of a dance in Ghana. It started in 2008, but was made popular with the release of the song “Azonto” by Fuse ODG and Tiffany, in 2011.

Konto is the name of the street style in Nigeria that dates back to the 1960’s. The name Konto was given to the first category of dance moves performed on Afrobeat music. It gained popularity as the Afrobeat music genre grew all over the world.

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