Samba class with Levanta Poeira

Samba class with Levanta Poeira

Levanta Poeira is a dance academy in Montreal, QC offerring intensive samba training, Brazilian dance classes, and live performances.
Discover the transformative powers of samba dance and engage with the joyful spirit of Brazilian culture.


In this course, you will have access to the basic technique and steps of samba. Develops body awareness and discovery of your hips.

SPRING session 2019 – Beginners level
From April 1st to June 17th – 12 weeks
Monday 8 PM to 9 PM


– SAMBA FLOW – This class is sold-out
The goal of this course is the practice of achieving excellence. Many diagonals to let off steam, the rhythm is constant. Practical with or without heels.

SPRING session 2019 – All levels with a samba base
From April 2nd to June 18th – 12 weeks
Tuesday 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM


Danse urbaine brésilienne, deux façons d’interpréter les sonorités des “Bailes Funk” de Rio. Des grooves plein d’attitude à la diva urbaine sur talons.

SPRING session 2019 – All levels
From April 4th to June 20th – 12 weeks
Thursday 8 PM to 9 PM


Rates for 12 classes : $ 204.00
Drop-in : $ 20.00

Classes are held at Studio Bizz Mont-Royal.


Levanta Poeira

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