Studio Bizz is a private unsubsidized business that was founded by Martin and Caroline Giroux in June of 1999. With their experience in the field of theatre and business, the cofounders put together a solid and realistic business plan to create their vision of a space dedicated to arts and recreational activities.

After 15 years of existence, there are now two locations on the Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal. However, Martin Giroux’s ambition is to expand Studio Bizz’s business to other neighborhoods of the city as well as other Canadian cities.

The cost of having your own practice space is constantly increasing. The artisans and teachers of the field of arts, sports and recreational activities need now more than ever some quality workplaces that are affordable, without any unreasonable financial commitment. Studio Bizz is thus an interesting solution.

Studio Bizz is currently owned in majority by founder Martin Giroux and by a minority stockholder. Plans for expansion and development are now in preparation. If you have the entrepreneur in you and would like to find out about partner-owner opportunities for a location or as an investor in the corporation, please contact Martin at or simply by calling this number: 514-526-2499.