ImproGym with Anik Matern

ImproGym with Anik Matern

ImproGym is the first real GYM of its kind for Actors. Where we will keep you moving, and exercising your skill set on various levels. We keep an actor engaged in all aspects of creation during a three hour workout.

ImproGym starts with an introspective journey at every session, focusing on mindfulness and energy work.

ImproGym then wakes up the spirit through joy, laughter, and fun, the three things that are duly underrated in our industry.

ImproGym will do its best to tickle your funny bone through various improvisation styles, from warm-ups to full out improvisational methods to strengthen the intuition, acting impulse and most importantly an actor’s intentions.

ImproGym’s unique and holistic training methods go straight to the heart of the matter, creating POSITIVE growth spurts as members open up and learn to navigate a new sense of artistry, freedom, and connection with oneself and others through mindfulness, improvisations, scene work, on-camera work and character work while engaging the body, mind and spirit.

This work is about empowering an actor’s mindset towards states of peak performance.

Members have already experienced both personal and professional breakthroughs. Returning members will make new members feel right at home.

We welcome all francophone UDA Actors who wish to perfect and perform in English. A good command of the English language is recommended.

Training Sessions will be held at Studio Bizz Mont-Royal on Sunday’s from 1:00-5:00pm
September 8th – October 27th
7 Sessions, 4 hours
Early Bird Price: $299. (+ tax)
Regular Price: $325 (+ tax)
Off Thanks Giving Sunday (October 13th)


Anik Matern

For info contact Program Assistant, Lenny Iozzo.
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