COVID-19 │ Prevention measures

At Studio Bizz, we take the situation very seriously and have implemented additional preventive measures. We have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitation, especially in high-traffic areas. In addition, our employees manage the traffic in the premises to ensure a safe distance between participants.

For everyone’s safety, we ask you not to come to Studio Bizz if:

  • You have symptoms of COVID-19 or if you have recently traveled outside the country;
  • You have been in contact with someone with the symptoms of COVID-19;
  • A family member or any other person living with you is returning from a trip abroad;
  • You have been in contact with a person returning from travel and / or quarantined.

By registering for a class offered by the teachers at Studio Bizz or by renting a studio, you confirm that you have read and understood all the sanitary measures and new regulations implemented at Studio Bizz. You understand that these are put in place to favor the reopening in complete safety and to avoid the community transmission of COVID-19 in public places. You agree to respect and ensure respect for these measures by your participants.

  • As soon as you arrive at Studio Bizz, you must identify yourself at the reception desk and disinfect your hands. 
  • You will need to present a valid vaccine passport to access your studio or to join your class.
  • All classes registrations and studio rental must be made by phone or online and paid for in advance.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory in common areas as well as anytime in your studio (if you cannot respect physical distancing).
  • At all times, you should cough or sneeze into the crease of your elbow or upper arm if you do not have a tissue handy.
  • Physical distancing measures must be respected at all times in the stairwell, at the reception, in the common areas, in the locker rooms as well as in the studios.
  • It is not possible to arrive early for your course or for your rental. You must arrive no more than 5 minutes before the beginning. You must come alone to your class or your activities. Your children and friends will not be accepted in the lounge area and will have to wait for you outside of the building. You must leave immediately after your class or your studio rental.
  • It is forbidden to stroll or gather in common areas.
  • Access to the changing rooms is not possible, you must arrive already dressed for your activities. It is only possible to use toilets and sinks. It is prohibited to carry out a complete body wash in the washbasins.
  • We invite you to minimize the floor work. If you plan to do so, bring your mat and towel.
  • We do not accept cash.
  • Lost items will not be kept.

Thank you for your collaboration.
The Studio Bizz team.


Last update: September 1st, 2021.

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