Studio Bizz has the space as well as the ressources necessary to allow you to teach your own classes with ease.

Be your own boss and plan your next session at Studio Bizz. We offer a wide range of time slots and competitive rates. Simply choose a time that best suits your needs and availability.

Our premium studio rates vary between $28 and $41 an hour depending on the size of the space you choose. With prices like these, you can be sure that we make great efforts in ensuring that you minimize your monetary risk and increase your profitability with every dance session.

Now is the perfect time for you to take advantage of these low rates and select the schedule you’ve always dreamed of. No matter the length of your class or session, know that we are available to help and address any concerns that you may have. Our 20 years in the field have made us uniquely qualified to understand your business needs and to achieve your goal of making your aspirations a reality.

At Studio Bizz, we offer a variety of studios filled with equipment adapted for you, whether it’s for teaching a dance class, a workout session, theatre, comedy and acting class, singing class, circus class and so much more.

To learn more about our different spaces, to inquire about available time slots for our studios and to get a quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at 514-526-2499 or by email at :

Studios perfectly equipped
Size of spaces varies between 675 ft2 and 2 100 ft2
Ballet bar, dance mats and resilient flooring
Mirrors, sound system and piano
Freight elevator and storage space
Table and chairs
Café and lounge

Publicity service

Studio Bizz offers a publicity service through our multiples communication tools. Our service is available for teachers to help promote their classes on a wider scale. Learn more about our publicity service and it’s many benefits through our leasing agent.

Registration service

Studio Bizz offers a registration service to teachers to help with participant’s class registration. This service includes management of registrations, management of attendees and payments. Learn more about our registration service and it’s many benefits through our leasing agent.

Display service

Studio Bizz offers free and paid display spaces at our location. Our service is available for teachers to display their class ads and publicity banners and promote their class to a wider audience. Learn more about our display service and it’s many benefits through our leasing agent.

Locker and storage service

Save time and money by storing your equipment directly at Studio Bizz! We have a wide range of storage spaces at your disposal to suit your needs. Learn more about our locker and storage service and it’s many benefits through our leasing agent.