With  a surface area of 15 000 square feet, Studio Bizz offers studios ranging from 150 to 2100 square feet in a warm and modern environment. A studio may be rented  for various activities such as dance, drama, circus, or singing classes, rehearsals, auditions, courses, photo shoots, movie and television filming, social activities as well as any other artistic discipline that requires a practice space.
  • 06/06/2014

    Rehearsal studios space

    To respond your needs in terms of rehearsals spaces, Studio Bizz has all the perfect equipment: Studios ranging from 150 to 2100 square feet starting at 13$ p... Lire la suite »
  • 05/05/2014

    Studios for photographers or filmmakers

    Photoshoot A photoshoot studio is available at Studio Bizz Mont-Royal: Ideal brightness Curtains – to prevent the entry of light Size: 35′ x 31... Lire la suite »
  • 08/04/2014

    Workshop and intensive class

    Studio Bizz has all the space and facilities needed to accommodate intensive class of dance, theater, circus, song, etc. Studios ranging from 433 to 2100 squa... Lire la suite »
  • 04/04/2014


    Studio Bizz provides painters, illustrators and photographers with the opportunity to exhibit their work on the walls of its common areas. Artists can thus en... Lire la suite »